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How Can I Use The Announcements Board?
How Can I Use The Announcements Board?

Learn how to make the most of the announcement board with posts that give your members the information they need to know.

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The Announcements Board on your community’s portal is a place for you to post all important messages your members need to see. These can be onboarding messages, welcome notices, rules, events announcements… Anything!

Your Announcement Board is there for you to use as you like, but there are certain announcements that are more helpful than others for different communities. Read more about announcements here.

Here are some ideas of what you can post depending on the type of community you have:


  • Rules and community guidelines (click here for a template)

  • Welcome message

  • Events schedule (eg. every Friday from 6-8 GMT)

  • Admin list and how to contact them


  • Live class times

  • When to expect results

  • What to do if class is missed/canceled


  • Useful links

  • Summaries of previous workshops

  • Upcoming events


  • Content streaming events

  • Games/movie night times

  • Any rules around sensitive issues (eg. Spoiler policy)


  • Step-by-step on getting verified

  • Event information

  • List of resources

We hope this makes your community building experience better than ever before. If you run into any problems, reach out to your account manager, or email so our team can provide you with technical support.

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