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Overview: Products Section

Understanding and setting up products in your community (1:1 session, Courses, ebooks, resources)

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Welcome to your Products section

This is where the magic happens! Create content or offer sessions packed with value and organize it in your Product section, designed to educate and enrich the experience of your community members.

One place to store what you've created, so it's easy to post and easy to find.

What kind of product, you ask? Anything goes, as long as it doesn't violate our terms of use. So, nothing offensive, no harassment,

Why a Product section?

Providing value gives your members a reason to stay and helps your community grow.

For many communities, the exclusive product is one of the most attractive part of the online communities, and it gives you the chance to flex your creative muscles to educate and entertain no matter what kind of community you host.

And we've made it easier than ever before to share free and paid products.

Think: Free to Paid funnel for your members.

  • Offer Free resources, short courses, ebooks, PDFs, templates, notion templates as a free value / free hook to build your community

  • Nurture them with more free workshops (Events) and more free resources

  • Then find opportunities to upsell your masterclass, high-value content to your engaged and loyal members.

  • Conduct one-on-one sessions with your members to build stronger relationships and provide personalised support that they needed.

This series of articles dives into how you can share ebooks, resources, courses, and offer 1:1 sessions. Learn about the products you can offer and how you can use your Products section to grow, grow, grow! It's one of our favorite features on, and we're confident it'll become one of your faves too!

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