We integrate with existing Discord communities using our Nas Bot.

This tutorial will explain Nas.io’s integration with Discord, and how you can integrate it with your existing community.

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Why Integrate with Discord?

When signing up to Nas.io, you'll have the option to choose a chat platform for your community.

We recommend using Discord if your community has over 300 members. Smaller communities should consider using WhatsApp or Telegram instead.

So let’s break down how this feature works.

How to Integrate with Discord

Sign up for Nas.io using the same device you use for Discord. Make sure you're logged in to Discord before starting this process.

Start setting up your community on Nas.io. Choose Discord as your chat platform.

You'll get a prompt to connect our Nas Bot with your existing Discord server.

Select the server you want to integrate using the dropdown menu.

Authorize the Nas Bot.

Congrats! Your community on Discord is now live.

Troubleshooting FAQs

I have connected Telegram/WhatsApp or another platform to my community, can I switch to Discord?

We do not recommend switching platforms as it might cause issues with engagement analytic data, particularly when your community already has members.

If you really want to switch chat platforms, do reach out to your account manager or email hello@nas.io so our team can help you make the change.

Can I link multiple servers with one community?

At the moment, each community can only be linked to 1 server.

Where do I go if I encounter a problem with Discord integration?

Please reach out to your account manager, or email hello@nas.io so our team can provide you with technical support.

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