How Do I Integrate with Slack?

Integrating with your Slack workspace happens in just 2 clicks. Here's how.

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Integrate with your professional community on Slack with our full integration with Slack's workspaces with just 2 clicks. It's as easy as that!

This tutorial will explain’s integration with Slack, and how you can integrate it with your existing community.

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How It Works

When signing up to, you'll have the option to integrate your existing Slack workspace. You can also skip this step and revisit it later.

Slack Integration

When signing up to, select Slack as your community home.

Follow the onscreen instructions, then click "Continue".

Congrats! Your community on Slack is now live.

Troubleshooting FAQ

I have connected Telegram/WhatsApp or another platform to my community, can I switch to Slack?

We do not recommend switching platforms as it might cause issues with engagement analytic data, particularly when your community already has members.

If you really want to switch chat platforms, do reach out to your account manager or email so our team can help you make the change.

Can I link multiple workspaces with one community?

At the moment, each community can only be linked to 1 workspace.

Where do I go if I encounter a problem with Slack integration?

Please reach out to your account manager, or email so our team can provide you with technical support.

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