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How Can I Secure My Community? (Discord Verification)
How Can I Secure My Community? (Discord Verification)

Community management just became easier with Discord verification on Here's how.

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Secure your Discord server by verifying your community members. No need for double verification!

Our verification is faster than other methods such as application forms, CAPTCHA, and mobile phone verification. And you can do it all on your Manager portal.

Once a new user joins your community on, they'll get verified by the server role set up by you on Discord.

This means that every member of your community must be registered on first. It ensures your community members are genuine: no trolls, no bots. Simple!

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Setting Up Discord Verification

Create the default role for members on your Discord server BEFORE setting up verification on

You can find a walkthrough on setting up Discord roles here.

Once the default role for your server has been created, go to your Manager portal on, and go to Settings ---> Discord Verification.

Select the role you want to use to verify community members.

Confirm the setting and you are good to go. Your Discord server is locked!

Once set up, you'll get this screen πŸ‘‡

Once your role has been set up and you've connected your role to, a verification channel will appear in your server.

All new users will have to join your community portal via this channel and get the role to unlock your Discord server content.

Removing or Changing Your Verification

You can remove the setting and reset the verification whenever you want. Just hover over the role and select the Remove button.

Removing the role will only affect new users who will need a new role. Existing users will not have to verify themselves again.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Can I set up multiple verification roles?

At the moment, we only allow community managers to set up verification for one role.

Can I update the verification by linking it to a new role?

No, you will not be able to update it by linking to a new role. To update your verification, you will have to delete the current verification and set up a new one.

Does removing the verification on remove the role in my Discord server?

No, only the verification setting on is deleted. The role will still remain in your Discord server. You can remove the role on Discord.

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