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How Can I View My Community Analytics?
How Can I View My Community Analytics?

Find your analytics for community health and growth. Read more.

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Analytics are numbers that tell the story of your community: it's growth, member behavior, and even who the most and least engaged members of your community are.

They're an important part of community management that informs your ongoing community strategy. So let's see how you can get to them!

This article will show you how you can view your analytics.


Go to your Manager portal and click on Analytics.

You'll see two tabs: Member, and Engagement.

The Member tab has a graph showing the number of your active members over time.

It also shows you where your community members come from.

The Engagement tab connects directly to your chat platform to display your most and least engaged community members, presented in two lists.

You'll also get a percentage of your active users. 30-70% is a good metric to aim for from month to month. Try to keep that number increasing or stable from month to month.

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