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Local payment methods for subscription in Philippines (Beta)
Local payment methods for subscription in Philippines (Beta)

Allow members to pay through local payment methods in PHP

Updated over a week ago

Your members can now pay for the community subscription, events, and library in their local currency using local payment methods.

As we go deeper in regional markets, we see that payment localisation increases the conversion by 3x. Many users in emerging markets such as South East Asia do not have access to credit or debit cards, making it difficult for them to subscribe to a community. In addition, many managers want to have pricing differentiation in different markets to reflect the amount users in those locations are willing to pay.

Starting with Philippines (PHP) in South East Asia, we have introduced local payment methods for Event ticket purchases and Library (Digital Products) payment, and Membership recurring Subscription. We are bringing local e-wallets to subscription payment such as GrabPay, PayMaya and ShopeePay.

Note: Event and Library purchases (One-off purchases) are also localised for Indonesia.

How to enable local payment methods/local currency for community subscription in Philippines?

In your Manager portal, Go to Settings, open Member access.

  1. First, make sure your community is switched to Paid and a base USD monthly price is set.

    1. Base Price in USD is required to set localised pricing.

    2. Note that the minimum amount is 0.5 USD.

  2. Enable Local Pricing and input the price in PHP. As long as you are located in the Philippines, you will be able to enable and set local price in Philippines Peso (PHP) for the first time.

    1. A member in Philippines will see the PHP pricing for your community when they check out.

    2. Note that the minimum amount is 50 PHP and maximum amount is 50000 PHP.

    3. All other users/members will see USD price.

  3. Once set, you will be able to change the price.

  4. Confirm the price change and that's it! Local price and the three default e-wallets (PayMaya/GrabPay/ShopeePay) are enabled for your community. From now on, any member who signs up from the Philippines will see the price in PHP that you have set and they have an option to pay with local e-wallets.

  5. Checkout the video below for the summary of the steps to set your local price.

E-wallets supported support 3 local e-wallets for subscription payment: GrabPay, PayMaya and ShopeePay.

We are working with Xendit, a leading payment provider in South East Asia to introduce new payment methods in Philippines and other countries like Indonesia very soon.

Member experience: Signing up for community

Signing up for a community is now much better for users based in the Philippines. Users have both options to pay using Credit/Debit cards or e-wallets.

Check out the sign up experience with PayMaya in this video below.

Membership and Billing

Members can find their subscription details and current/past subscription charges by clicking on their profile photo -> Settings -> Membership & Billing -> Manage Subscription

Subscription auto-renewal

Subscription will be automatically renewed and charged to a user's e-wallet at the beginning of every cycle unless he/she has canceled before the new cycle begins. An email notification will be sent out to members to notify that his/her subscription has been automatically renewed.

Subscription cancelation

A member can unsubscribe at any time and their subscription will end at the end of their current cycle. They will not be charged in the next cycle and no longer have access to their community portal.

Manager Experience: Removing a member

Once a member is removed by the community manager, his/her subscription will be canceled immediately and they will no longer have access to the community.

Promoting a member to admin

If you are promoting a member to become a manager of the community, his/her subscription will be made FREE immediately. He/she will still have access to the community as a new manager.

Creator payout

Please make sure your financial details on your community manager portal are complete and accurate. You can do so by going to Settings -> Payout.

All net pay-out will be made in USD (including the amount that your members have paid in PHP), after platform fee (10%) and payment method processing fees are deducted. Below are different processing fees of the payment methods supported on for subscription payment.

Payment method

Processing fee (% of transaction value)

Credit/Debit Card via Stripe


PayMaya via Xendit


GrabPay via Xendit


ShopeePay via Xendit


For example, if a member pays 1000 PHP per month via PayMaya, your income for that member is 882 PHP per month. fee is 100 PHP (10%) and PayMaya processing fee is 18 PHP (1.8%).

Note that the minimum amount to be paid out via bank transfer is 10 USD. If your income is less than 10 USD for the month, you will be paid out in the subsequent month(s) providing that your unpaid total income amounts to 10 USD.

We will start processing your payout on the 5th of every month. Payment might take 3-21 days to reach your bank account depending on your country.


1. My current community price is in USD and my members are currently paying with Credit/Debit. How do I let them switch to paying in PHP and using e-wallets?

There is no option to switch payment currency or change payment method at the moment. We suggest that you request the member to cancel at the end of their subscription cycle, then resubscribe to the community using the same email. They will be able to pay the price in PHP and use one of the e-wallet options provided (PayMaya/GrabPay/ShopeePay).

To check the end date of their subscription cycle, the member can visit their members portal -> Profile -> Settings -> Membership & Billing.

2. Can I change the price after it is set?

Yes you can change both the USD and local price after the prices are set.

3. Can I disable local pricing after it is set?

Yes you can disable local pricing any time. Do note that once you disable the local price, if you are not able to see the local price setting section upon returning to the portal, it might be because you are not located in Philippines. The local price setting is only available for community managers in Philippines.

4. Does the new price apply to my existing members?

No. A price change will only affect new members who sign up for the community after the change. Existing members will continue to pay the old price for all of their billing cycles.

5. Do you support GCash?
GCash is currently not supported but we are working to enable it by mid-2023. You will be informed as soon as this option is available.

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