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Updated over a week ago is currently available for download as a mobile app via the App Store or Google Play.

Go to this link to download the mobile app.

What's inside the mobile app

Community Manager/admin view

Community managers and admins can now manage their communities through mobile. Here are the key features that the CM (Community managers) can access through the mobile app.

  • Manage and view the following tabs.

  • Here's what you can view/do as a community manager in the following tabs:

    • Home

      • View Total members

      • Current Month's earnings

      • View Community Activity

    • Money

      • View access to the Earnings tab

      • View access to the Transactions tab

      • Request refund for transactions in the transaction list

      • View and manage discounts in the Discount tab (You can disable a discount, copy the discount code and discount link)

      • View access to Payout tab (see the breakdown of your current month's earnings)

      • Setup your bank account details (if you are the owner/creator of the community)

      • View and manage your Magic Reach messages in Magic Reach tab (update your draft messages and create new magic reach message)

      • View access to the Products tab

      • View and manage your events in the Events tab

      • In the Feed tab, you can view your feeds and interact with your members by replying to their comments on your feed.

      • View and manage your members through Members tab (You can invite users to join your community by sending your community link to your social media pages, remove a member from your community, etc)

You can create an Event, Post, or Magic Reach by clicking the + button at the bottom right side of the screen.

Community Members view

Community members can access your community through the Mobile App. Here are the key features that the Community members can access through the mobile app.

  • Member can edit their profile by clicking on their profile Icon at the bottom left part of the screen. They can update the following through this page:

    • Name

    • Country

    • Add Bio

    • Contact (add WhatsApp, Telegram & Discord contact details)

    • Skills & Interests

    • Spotlight (Feature their best work or portfolio by sharing public link where people can access it)

    • Social (add details about their social media platforms and add number of followers if they want)

    • It's up to the members if they want to fill out everything but the only mandatory fields would be the country and the name.

  • View access to the following tabs:

  • Here's what you can view/do as a community manager in the following tabs:

    • Home

      • View the posts and announcements of community managers/admin in the Home tab

      • View the upcoming events and register for events in the Events tab

      • View Product offers of the community and purchase them in the Product tab (Courses, Digital files, 1:1 sessions, etc)

      • View members of the community in the Members tab

  • Members can also unsubscribe from the mobile app by clicking on the Settings icon > Under Membership section > Click on the 3 dots on the community icon > Leave community

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