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Celebrating Community Milestones with
Celebrating Community Milestones with
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At, we believe in empowering community builders to thrive and achieve their goals. Our platform serves as the perfect space for nurturing vibrant communities, and we are committed to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our community managers.

All community managers who reach a milestone will receive an email from detailing the complimentary gift they have earned. We believe in supporting and celebrating the success of our community managers every step of the way.

We understand the dedication and hard work it takes to grow a successful community, which is why we have established a series of exciting milestones to acknowledge and reward these efforts.

Revenue Milestones:

$100 Revenue:

When a community hits their first $100 revenue milestone on, we celebrate this achievement by offering them a free Community Strategy Session. This session provides valuable insights and strategies to further enhance their community's growth and engagement.

$500 Revenue:

Upon reaching the $500 revenue milestone, communities will get a Free 10GB Storage or, exclusively for our India-based communities, they can get 1000 Direct Messages (DM) instead of the free storage offer.

$1000 Revenue:

Communities that reach $1000 in revenue will receive a special "$1000 shirt" as a token of our appreciation. Additionally, they can choose between

  • Free 30GB Storage

  • 2K WhatsApp (WA) DMs for India-based communities, or 250 WA DMs for global communities.

$5000 Revenue:

Achieving the $5000 revenue milestone comes with two significant benefits.

  1. Communities can become eligible for weekly payouts, provided they consistently hit $2K weekly (Thursday - Wednesday coverage).

  2. They can choose between the following perks:

    • Free 50GB Storage

    • 500 WA DMs for global communities, or 5K WA DMs for India-based communities.

$10K, $50K, $100K, $1M Revenue:

For communities reaching these impressive revenue milestones, we offer a commemorative plaque to honor their remarkable success.

Member Milestones:

1000 Members:

When a community reaches its first 1000 members on, they will receive a complimentary Community Strategy Session to further optimize their community-building efforts.

10,000 Members:

At the 10,000-member milestone, communities are rewarded with a special "10K shirt" to celebrate their significant growth and impact.

100,000 or 1M Members:

Communities that achieve the remarkable milestone of 100,000 or 1 million members will receive a prestigious plaque recognizing their outstanding achievement in community building.

Join today and embark on your journey to building a vibrant and successful community!

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