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Which Chat Platform Should I Pick?
Which Chat Platform Should I Pick?

Each chat platform has pros and cons for different types of communities. Discover which one is best for yours.

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Picking your chat platform is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when launching your community. Your chat platform cannot be changed after it’s chosen, so think about it based on your goals for your community.

Here’s an overview of the different chat platforms to help you decide.


Telegram is a chat platform similar to WhatsApp. It's widely considered more secure, and so is popular with Web3 communities. While similar to WhatsApp, it does do a better job at accommodating larger communities, but because it doesn't allow for multiple chat groups in a single community, it can be difficult to follow the chat if engagement is high.

Size: Up to 200,000 members

Perfect for: all types of users (all ages, geographies, and topics).


  • Can become a bit noisy for larger groups due to high engagement in a single long chat.

  • Cannot create multiple conversation threads.

Our support:

  • Create a new group or link and integrate an existing group.

  • Engagement Analytics

  • Add and Remove members automatically


Discord began as a community-building platform in video gaming communities, and many of their features are based on their needs. That said, these features are transferable to communities of all types, and it's become especially popular with Web3 and other techie communities.

The learning curve for Discord can be tricky to master, but with its multiple channels in a single server and features designed to make moderation and engagement easier, Discord is definitely worth considering especially for larger communities.

Community size: All (Supports groups up to 1 million)

Perfect for:

  • Gamers

  • Techies

  • Web3

Cost: Free to start, with some paid features available


  • Great for creating different channels to break out into different sub-topics.

  • Massive variety of bots to assist moderation.

  • Custom emojis


  • Difficult learning curve when starting.

  • Paid option needed to manage larger communities.

Our support:

  • Deep integration when connecting new or existing servers.

  • Engagement Analytics.

  • Add and Remove members automatically.

  • Web3 NFT verification.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat platforms in the world, it's easy to use, and onboarding new members is a breeze. That said, it's best designed for smaller communities as it can become difficult to follow the chat if engagement is high.

Community size: Up to 500 members.

Perfect for: Anyone

Cost: Free for you


  • Very easy to use with little to no learning curve.

  • Onboarding members is easy.


  • High engagement in a single chat can become confusing or difficult to follow.

  • Cannot create multiple threads of conversation.

Our support:

  • Full integration with new and existing communities

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