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How Do I Invite New Members?

Stuck on how to get people to join your brand new community? Discover the places you can reach out to others to scale fast. Read more.

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Congrats, your community is all set up! Now comes the next step: inviting members.

Inviting community members is one of the most exciting steps in creating your community because it's where bringing people together starts! And there are so many ways to reach new people and spread the word.

There are 2 ways to invite new members:

1. Sharing a link to your Public Page, and;

2. Inviting members directly from the CM portal using their emails. "

Note that for both of these steps the invited person needs to take an additional action to become a part of the community by accepting your invitation. Invited members are not automatically added.

Getting Your Invite Link

First things first, you want the link to your homepage so you can share it with others.

Go to your Community Manager portal and go to Settings tab.

Click on "Copy Link to Public Page".

You'll get a notification at the bottom of your screen notifying that your link has been copied.

As mentioned above there are 2 ways to invite members. They are as follows:

  1. Sharing a link to your Public Page

    Simple! Paste your community link in your social media posts and messages and you're good to go.

  2. Inviting members directly via email.

    You can invite your members by adding their email addresses in "Add People" field

OR Import your contact list by uploading your .csv .xlsx .xls file on the import list tab

We hope this makes your community building experience better than ever before. If you run into any problems, reach out to your account manager, or email so our team can provide you with technical support.

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