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Setting Your Language Preference in
Setting Your Language Preference in
Updated over a week ago supports 3 languages for the platform:

  • English

  • Spanish (LATAM)

  • Portuguese (Brasil)

You can easily set your language preference to enjoy a tailored experience in the language of your choice.

This article will guide you on how to set your language preference and explain what changes when you do.

Setting Your Language Preference

To set your language preference on, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Once you're logged in, click on your profile icon located in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Select Language from the drop-down menu

  4. Choose Your Language: In the language selection panel, you can choose from the available languages. Currently, offers three language options:

    English (US)

    Spanish (LATAM)

    Portuguese (BR)

  5. Click on the language of your choice, and your preference will be set!

Understanding Your Language Preference

Once you've set your language preference, you might be wondering how it affects your experience on Here's a breakdown of what changes based on your language selection:

  1. Manager Portal Texts and Labels: All texts and tabs within the portal will be displayed in your preferred language. This ensures that you can navigate and manage your community in the language you're most comfortable with.

  2. Emails Received from All auto-generated emails you receive from will also be in your preferred language. This includes notifications, updates, and important messages, making it easier for you to understand and act on the information provided.

    1. This includes the emails and notifications sent to you as a manager. Members will receive the communication from in their preferred language setting.

  3. Ruby AI Summary: For community owners (users who created the community) using Ruby AI for automated language generation, the language preference in your profile plays a crucial role. If you have set your language preference, Ruby AI will generate content based on your preferred language settings, provided that the WhatsApp messages in the group are also in your preferred language.

    E.g. You have selected Spanish (LATAM) as your preferred language in your profile, Ruby AI prefers the language of conversation in the WhatsApp group chat. In this case, if the conversations in the group is in Spanish, then your Ruby AI summary will be in Spanish.

    Note: The Ruby AI Summary feature goes into effect starting October 11, 2023 onwards. Any previously generated content in English will remain in English.

  4. Member Portal: Your community members have their own Language Selection option. Your language choice only impacts the Magic Reach and customised email you are sending them. It does not impact the experience of your members when they view their own portal. They can choose to use the platform in any language they like.

  5. User Generated Content: Any descriptions, titles or text that you add in your community such as Feed Announcement, Event Description, Community Description etc, is NOT translated by since it is input by you. We preserve the language of any content that you add to the platform and never translate it.

  6. Magic Reach: The text added in the Magic Reach body is not translated (because it is considered user-generated content).

By allowing users to set their language preferences, ensures that its platform is accessible and user-friendly to a global audience. This feature makes it easier for users to communicate, manage their communities, and stay informed in the language they are most comfortable with.

So, don't hesitate to set your language preference on today and start enjoying a more convenient and personalized experience in the language of your choice. Your online experience just got a whole lot better!


Why is my Ruby AI summary not showing in my preferred language?

If you have set a preferred language in your portal, the Ruby AI summary should be in the localised language. Some common reasons why Ruby AI may not show under your preferred language are as follows:

  • The Ruby AI summary you are trying to view/share was generated prior to the release of the localised Ruby AI summary. This feature was officially released on October 11, 2023. Any previously generated content in English will remain in English.

  • The summary will depend on the WhatsApp messages you will receive in your group. If the majority of the language used was in English, then there is a high chance that the Ruby AI summary will show in English.

  • If you encounter that the Ruby AI summary doesn't show in your preferred language, aside from the above common reasons, please us know by emailing us at or send us a message via chat if you are logged in to your portal. We are here to help!

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