Types of Member Access

Nas.io gives you two options for your community members to access your community: Free and Paid. Read more.

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We have two types of member access available for you to choose from: Free and Paid

This is determined when you're setting up your community on Nas.io. You can see these options when you are creating a community.


In this option, community members don't have to pay a subscription fee, which is the most common choice for communities. However, community managers can still make money by:

  1. Selling digital products or video courses.

  2. Hosting paid events or classes.

To have control over those who are joining your free community, you may gate your community with an application form. Setting up applications helps you select members who are the best fit for your community, fostering a positive atmosphere and stronger connections among members.

See the process below on how to set up application form for communities below


Community members pay a monthly fee to access your community with this option. Paid communities best suit those geared towards education or business.

Best for:

  • Educational communities

  • Business and networking communities

  • Branded communities

Application based Communities

Here are reasons why you might want to control access to your community by requiring applications for membership:

  1. Security: Requiring applications can help filter out potential spammers or troublemakers, making your community a safer place.

  2. Exclusivity: Application-based access can create a sense of exclusivity, which can be appealing to some members and enhance the community's perceived value.

  3. Community Fit: You can ensure that new members align with the community's goals, values, and interests, promoting a harmonious environment.

  4. Data Collection: Gathering information through applications can help you better understand your members and tailor your community's content and activities.

  5. Membership Screening: This allows you to review and select members who are the best fit for your community, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

How to set up application form for your community members:

  • Go to Setting > Member Access

  • Toggle on 'Require Application' button. Once you toggle this on, the members who will apply to join your community will be required to fill up the application form.

    Note: You have the option to 'Automatically approve members' once they filled out the form

  • Click on 'Edit Application' so you can set up the questions you would like your members to answer before they can join your community:

  • Aside from the commonly used one that you can use for your application form as shown above, you also have the option to add customised questions to answer by clicking + Add Question. Your additional questions can be answered in the following options: (text, number, single select, multi-select or URL)

  • You may tick on 'Required' check box if you want those questions to be required for them to be able to submit the form.

  • Click on Save and your application form will now be required to be filled out before your members can join your community.

We hope this makes your community building experience better than ever before. If you run into any problems, reach out to us in the chat in the corner and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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