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How To Set Up An Event

Your events will become more popular than ever with's new Events Page. Here's how to set up yours.

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This tutorial will explain’s Public Event Feature Page, and how you can create your own for your events.

We've designed this tool so you can set up a beautiful event page in under 5 minutes. Just give us some key details and we'll do the rest. Simple.

How It Works

Setting up a community event is easier than ever before and you do it all in one place — no extra links or third-party apps.

Once your event is organized, it’s time to send out the invitations. You’ll get a link to your Public Events page to share. You can customize this link however you like.

Think of your Public Event Page as a flyer for your event. We’ve given you the tools to customize a header image, the title, and the description of your event. Anyone can view this event page, even if they’re not a part of your community.


  • Invite people into your community from an event.

  • Market your community using an event.

  • Instead of entering the community and then learning about an event, people outside of your community can see what's on offer.

And now you can create an event, sign people up, and see the attendee list all in one place on Here's how.

How to Set-Up Your Events Page

  1. Go to your community portal and click on Events.

2. Click Add Event

3. Fill in the details of your event and add a header picture (optional). You can upload your own one or use a pre-made header image.

And that's it! Your event now has a beautiful home to share with others, in just a few steps.

Tips and Tricks

Creating an event description

The purpose of a description is to grab attention and inform visitors to your page about your event. It needs to be:

  • Short and sweet (30-50 words)

  • Informative

  • and catchy

Here’s an example:

Come together to solve your content blockers and challenges about workflow! Listen in, share your thoughts, and give advice to other members of the community to help each other become better creators today.

Adding a banner image

If you do want to use a banner, you can upload your own image OR use one of the free templates we have available.

If you want to create your own banner, here are some ideas for your designs:

  • Use only large, easy to read text.

  • Pick one single, focused message. Even if your event covers a variety of topics, pick one to focus on.

  • Include a call to action — something the reader can do after they’ve read your banner. It can be as simple as “Sign up below”.

  • Use a relevant image, and don’t pick something that makes your text difficult to read. Simpler is better.

  • Use bright colors to draw attention.

  • Use minimal text to get your message across.

Your Event Title

If you’re stuck on deciding on a title for your event, try going with the TYPE of event as the header.

Here are some ideas:

  • Fireside Chat

  • Monthly Challenge

  • Q&A

  • Movie Night

  • Workshop #XXX

  • Game Night

We hope this helps you create some exciting events of your own! If you're stuck for inspiration on events you can host, head over to our guide on Event Ideas, or message us on the Chat in the corner and we'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Happy building!

New Feature Release For Events!

Released: 12 Oct 2023

In a world filled with an ever-increasing number of events, from virtual meetups to in-person gatherings, the need for an efficient and user-friendly event management system is more crucial than ever. With our latest feature update, we're excited to bring you significant enhancements to the "Create," "Manage," and "Join" experiences, aimed at making events smoother and more engaging than ever before.

🌟 What's New?

Creating Events:

Creating an event is now a breeze, thanks to our improved event creation form. We understand that simplicity is key, so we've streamlined the process, displaying only the most important options. This means less clutter, fewer distractions, and a more focused event setup experience.

Unlocking Leads with Unique Event Links for Community Managers (group chat)

Each event can now attach a group chat link specifically designed for registered members to join.

By creating a group chat link for each event, Community Managers can now wield the power of unique event links to create a compelling lead magnet. Here's how:

Step 1: Targeted Event

Imagine a Community Manager in a Vegan cooking community creating an event like 'How to Prepare Vegan Noodle Dishes' as the first step in their lead magnet strategy.

Step 2: Unique Chat Group

They set up a unique chat group for this event. As participants join, they are funneled into this specialized WhatsApp group.

Insightful Segmentation:

Being in this chat group gives Community Manager's key insights – these members are highly interested in noodle dishes.

The Upsell Edge:

Community Managers can now make tailored offers. Instead of mass marketing, they can directly offer noodle dish-related courses to this group, greatly increasing the chance of conversion.

Managing Events:

To enhance your control over your events, we've introduced a revamped "Manage" section. Here, you can effortlessly view and manage both upcoming and past events, ensuring a more organized event-hosting process.

Access to your attendees:

  • You can now see who's attending and not attending each event.

  • Easily search, export, and message attendees.

You may also toggle event registration open or closed as needed, to indicate if the registration is still open or closed. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage Event > scroll down and access "Registration tab"

  2. You should be able to toggle the button for "Close Registration" option

It will display that your event is closed for registration:

Member experience:

  • Change their attendance status from "Going" to "Not Going" with ease.

  • Join event chats to engage and be in the loop with the event details. They can also interact with other attendees (This will depend on the settings you have on your group chat link. If it is set as an announcement group then they may not be able to send messages in that group)

Important Note: Please be aware that these features are not yet available in our mobile app for members. We're working hard to bring these improvements to the app soon.

In a nutshell, we're committed to enhancing your event experiences, whether you're a seasoned organizer or new to event management. These updates will make creating, managing, and joining events a breeze. Get ready to take your events to the next level!

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