How to Plan an Online Event

Online events are the best way to grow your community. Here's how you can host your own. Read more.

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What are Online Events?

Online events are any event hosted online. They can take many forms, including webinars, seminars, workshops, Q&As, guest speakers, or even just hanging out.

Why Host an Online Event?

Events are most often what brings people together and makes a community active and engaged. If you want accessibility and the ability to connect with people located all over the world, online events are the way to go!

You don't need a bunch of content to manage a successful community... All you need is a good event gameplan to get your community involved and feel as if they are a part of something bigger.

Setting Up an Event on

We recommend using Zoom for your online events. Create your invitation and Event page on your Manager portal and generate a Zoom link for your event. You can invite your members through Magic Reach, or share the Zoom link on your social media channels.

You can learn more about creating online events through here.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Online Event

Understand Your Community

The first thing to do before providing any content is to know your audience... And that includes events!

So, look at not only the people already in your community, but also the kind of people you want to bring into your community. This is especially important if your community is brand new and you're looking to grow it.

Define Your Event Goals

Go into your event with a plan of what you want to achieve, even if it's just a hangout session with friends.

Some goals include:

  • Teaching a specific skill or topic.

  • Informing your community about new content or upcoming events.

  • Strengthening connections between community members.

Get Support

It's dangerous to go alone! Whether you have a fellow community manager or a community member happy to lend a hand, having support to manage music, games, or logistics like letting people into the Zoom room will make the world of difference for your stress levels.

Consider Your Date and Time

If you have community members from across the world, choosing a time becomes tricky to take in account all your timezones.

Plan Any Extras

Using any other tech? Games, music? Maybe a presentation where you'll have to share your screen. Think about the logistics of anything extra you want to add in.

Create an Event Page

Create a lovely landing page to advertise your event!

Send Out Your Invites

Get as any people as possible to your event by sharing your event link in emails, social media, and your community chat.

Test Your Tech

Make sure everything's up and running and do a test run to make sure everything runs exactly as expected during the event.

Follow Up

Follow up with a summary of the event for those who missed it, share some screenshots of the event in the community chat, and get feedback from your attendees about how they enjoyed it and how you can improve for next time.

We hope this helps you create some exciting online events of your own! If you're stuck for inspiration on events you can host, head over to our guide on Event Ideas, or message us in the Chat in the corner and we'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Happy building!

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