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Whatsapp Direct Message via Magic Reach
Whatsapp Direct Message via Magic Reach
Updated over a week ago

This May, we have now extended the Beta to all WhatsApp communities.

This means you can now see WhatsApp DM on Magic Reach which allows you to reach your audiences in their direct messages.

While this would normally cost money per message, we are giving all users 1,000 FREE messages to send directly to their community.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us or go to for additional messages.

What is WhatsApp <> Magic Reach?

Community Managers can now send WhatsApp direct messages to each of their community members with phone numbers added on It is like a WhatsApp broadcast service - "reach ALLLL your members in 2 clicks".

Why use WhatsApp Direct Message on

  1. WhatsApp DMs get sent to up to 80% of the people you send it to. This is higher than the <20% email open rates or social media reach

  2. More people click on WhatsApp messages than emails, social posts, or even paid advertisements

  3. It is hassle-free - No need to save numbers one-by-one

  4. You can send messages directly to your member list on, without the need to save their WhatsApp numbers and message them one by one. All your contacts are in 1 place and you can select the members with phone numbers and send out messages instantly.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your WhatsApp

  2. Go to Magic Reach and select Compose message

  3. Select audience, choose WhatsApp DM, write your message, preview and send. That’s it!

Then our bot makes sure that your custom message get delivered successfully to your members’ Whatsapp numbers via the Admin account.

(Currently, you can send text and images in the WhatsApp message. Image sizes can be up to 5MB)

Watch the video below to see how it works

How do members receive the message?

All messages will come from verified account - Official (with a green tick).

They will see your community name and subject only before they click "Yes, read more!" to see the full message

[Inspired]Pro Tip:

  1. Inform your community that they will receive messages from official in the group (you can message us if you want to upgrade and get your own account)

  2. Make sure the subject is clear for them to click "Yes, read more!"

What happens after 1000 messages?

As mentioned above, you can send 1000 messages free of charge.

After that, you will have to get more messages by purchasing one of the paid message packages below.

International Pricing

Number of additional messages










India Pricing

Number of additional messages



INR 1,099


INR 1,799


INR 8,899


INR 78,699

Check out this form to get more:

How to upgrade your WhatsApp DM limit

Step 1: Fill in this form to request for your preferred plan

Step 2: Our team will contact you via email for payment to make payment

Step 3: Your WhatsApp gets unlocked within 24 hours

For any request on custom pricing or further question, please kindly contact our support team via or through the support chat in your community manager portal.

WhatsApp Message Guidelines takes the safety of members on the platform very seriously to ensure that your community members have a secure and enjoyable experience, by putting in extra mechanisms to prevent distribution of harmful content through our messaging services.

Please kindly note that messages (via both WhatsApp and Email) containing possible fraud/phishing/scam or similar harmful content will be detected and blocked to subject for review by our team. If we confirm that you attempt to send out harmful content, your community will be blocked and you will be banned from using forever.

The WhatsApp Direct Message is primarily designed for our community managers to interact directly with your members. Therefore, we have placed a limit on the number of messages that you can send to users that are neither members of your community on or WhatsApp group, due to privacy concern.


1. What analytics data will be available?

WhatsApp analytics will be available starting May 1, 2023.

2. Will the message be sent out under my Whatsapp number or under WhatsApp account?

To streamline the process, the message will be sent out under Official WhatsApp account. This account will be verified with a green tick by WhatsApp, so your member can feel safe that it is coming from your community via us. We understand that the process of obtaining a verified WhatsApp business number takes time and not all community managers will be able to obtain a number just yet, hence we want to remove this hassle for you.

The cost of your messages will be covered by us during the Beta phase, so it is completely free for you to use.

We will soon introduce the functionality to add your own WhatsApp business number.

3. How much does messaging cost?

It is currently free for all our community managers in our Beta list, without any limit till 1st May.

After 1st May, we will introduce a limit on the number of messages that can be sent. You can read more about limits and upgrade here.

4. What text formatting does this feature support?

We currently support:

  • Line break

  • Italic texts

  • Bold texts

We do not support underlined text in this version. We are working on enabling this soon.

5. Are images supported?

Yes. We support images and they will be attached to the end of your text on WhatsApp.

6. Are emojis supported?

Yes, WhatsApp supported emojis 😁🥰😎🤩🤯 Feel free to use them and make your message fun!

7. Can the members reply to the message and can I see their replies?

Currently the feature is designed to be a one-way broadcast. We do add a footer in the message to inform your members that this is a broadcast via and hence they should reach out to their community managers directly shall they have any question.

8. Are my messages secured via

We use the Whatsapp Business API and all messages are secured under WhatsApp standard. We also take security seriously at to make sure not just messages but all users' data are tightly secured and protected.

How are we going to improve this feature?

Here are the other improvements that will soon be added to Magic Reach <> WhatsApp:

  • Attaching video and file

  • Attaching CTA

  • Scheduled deliveries

  • Linking your own WhatsApp Business number

  • Adding underlined texts

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