How do I cancel a member's subscription and issue a refund?
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Last updated: 24 September 2023

You can now submit a refund request to our support team directly in the Money tab of your Manager portal and you will be notified when the refund is approved and processed.

Canceling a member's subscription

To remove a member and cancel his/her paid subscription before the subscription ends, navigate to your Members tab.

Locate the paid member by entering their email address in the Search bar:

You'll then have the option to Remove member from the community and immediately cancel their membership.

Once the member is removed by an admin, the member will be notified about via email about their membership removal. They'll no longer have access to the community.

Note: If the member wishes to retain access to the community until the end of the billing cycle, we encourage the member to cancel the subscription within the Member portal instead of requesting the admin to remove them. Visit this article to learn more about how a member may cancel his/her subscription.

All refund requests must be arranged between the member and the community creator/manager. This will be subjected to approval by Community Creator/Manager.

To learn more about's refund policy, visit our Terms of service page, section 7.B.

Important: All refunds should be requested to our team and we will process on a case-by-case basis. Note that your member can receive a full amount, but you will incur a 3.9% + $0.5 USD Stripe processing fee (per refund) deducted to your payout in the next payout cycle. Refer here for Stripe policy on refund.

(Stripe does not refund the 3.9% + $ 0.5 USD processing fee on the transaction and this is absorbed by the Community Creator/Manager.)

Send refund request from your manager portal (Money tab)

Once a member requests for a refund, you can now directly send the request to our support team to process it (subjected to approval) using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Money -> Transactions

  2. Find the respective transaction that you want to refund and click to view the detail of the transaction in the side sheet.

  3. Click the three dots sign on the right hand side of the side sheet. You would be able to see an option to request refund.


  4. Select a reason for the refund and submit the request.


  5. You will be notified by emails once your request has been received by us AND when the request has been processed.

    Your request should be processed by us within 1-2 business days (Monday to Friday).

    Note that once a refund is processed, it may take 2-3 business days for the amount to be returned to your member's bank account.

  6. In the case that your request is rejected, our support team will reach out to you to explain the case.
    Otherwise, the refund should be completed within 4-5 business days in total (Monday to Friday, excluding weekends).

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