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Empower Your Community Through 1-1 Session on
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature: 1-1 Session. This new addition to our platform empowers Community Managers (CMs) to offer personalized coaching services within their communities, enhancing the engagement and value for members. Whether it's mentoring sessions, skill development, or specialized guidance, 1-1 Sessions enable CMs to connect directly with members on a one-on-one basis.

Creating a 1-1 Session

For CMs eager to leverage this new feature, setting up 1-1 sessions is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Login to

  • Navigate to the Product Tab

  • Click on Create New

  • A pop-up will appear and you must select 1 - 1 Session from the option list.

  • Fill in 1-1 Session Details such as:

  • Cover image

  • Session title

  • Description

  • Duration - This can be customized, with a maximum of 720 minutes (12 hours).

  • Pricing - Free Or Paid

  • Location - Online Or In-Person

Click on Continue once details have been filled in.

  • You will be routed to the unpublished 1-1 session you created.

Setting up your 1-1 session

Once you created a 1-1 session, you will need to set up your availability and additional sections to add more information about the 1-1 session before you can publish it.

Checkout Section

  • You may set up your 1-1 Session if it's a free or paid session. For Paid session, you set your price and assign a discount code.

  • In Collect Additional Information section, you may add questions that you would like the attendee to answer related to their booking. Make sure to click on Save button once done.

Availability section

  • You may set your availability and duration of the session on this page. Toggle on the day wherein you are available to take a 1-1 session.

  • You can add multiple time slots within a day and delete any additional timeslot(s).

  • You may also change the timezone on this part.

Note: By default, the assigned timezone will be based on the location of the Community Manager who is setting up the 1-1 session. Once you have selected a timezone, the availability will be based on the selected timezone.

  • You can also have the flexibility of adding your unavailable dates. Click on unavailable dates and select the dates that you do not want to be added to the schedule assigned for your 1-1 session.

  • Minimum Notice can be set so that you can limit what dates can be viewed/plotted by your member for a 1-1 session.

The maximum number of days you can set is up to 30 days. Members booking a slot for the session will not see slots that are NOT within the notice period.

Host option

  • You have the ability to select a host for the 1-1 session. Click on Save to implement the changes.

  • You can only select a host that is currently an admin to your community.

Email option

You can edit the Subject Title and Email body of the following emails for your 1-1 session:

  • Booking Confirmation

  • Reminder: 1 day before

Once you have completed setting up the following:

  • Checkout

  • Availability

  • Host

  • Emails

You may now be able to Publish your 1-1 session by clicking on the Publish button and you can now view it on the list of your published products.

Sample Image:

You should be able to view who booked for 1-1 session and the upcoming schedule of the sessions you have on the Bookings tab:

Updating details for 1:1 session

Currently, you can only edit the following details for your 1:1 session once it has been booked:

  • Session title

  • Session location

If changes will be made, you will receive an email notification that your 1:1 session has been updated.

Sample email:

This will also trigger an email to be sent to those who booked a session and they will received this email as an advise that their booking has been updated.

Sample email:

Cancelling a 1:1 session

Your members will reach out to you should they need to cancel a 1:1 session they booked in the portal. You can cancel a booked session in you portal by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Products tab and select the line item that you would like to cancel.

  2. You will see the Cancel booking button at the bottom right side of the screen:

  3. Depending on your agreement with the member or your policy in place for 1:1 booking sessions, you have the option to cancel and refund the payment for the booking (if its a paid 1:1 session)

  4. If you opt to refund, you will be asked for the reason. You may choose Other, if the options available is not relevant to the cancellation.

  5. You will see a notification showing that the booking has been cancelled and refund requested (if you opt for refund):

  6. Your member will receive an email advising that their booking has been cancelled:

Monitoring Earnings

You can track earnings from 1-1 sessions via the Money tab, with detailed insights into one-time purchases categorized under "1-1 Session" in the transaction list.


Why am I receiving an error when plotting a timeslot for my availability?

Overlapping timeslot is currently not supported by this new feature. We will continue to improve this feature and update this article once it is available.

How to stop accepting new bookings for 1-1 session

  • Go to Availability section, scroll down to toggle on the Stop accepting new bookings. Click on Save.

  • Once done, the public page of the 1-1 session will be updated and will show this:

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