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In the ever-evolving landscape of community building, stands as a beacon of innovation, constantly striving to provide cutting-edge tools for community managers (CMs) to foster engagement and growth within their communities. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest feature: Challenges.

Challenges are time-bound experiences where participants can complete some activities or assignments over one or more sub-periods of time called checkpoints, to reach a shared goal, all designed by the community host.

4-week beginner fitness challenge

Week 1 (Checkpoint 1)

  • Do 3 moderate body-weight exercises and 1 moderate cardio exercise.

Week 2 (Checkpoint 2)

  • Do 3 moderate weight lifting exercises.

Week 3 (Checkpoint 3)

  • Do 3 light body-weight exercises and 1 high-intensity exercise.

Week 4 (Checkpoint 4)

  • Do 3 heavy weight-lifting exercises and 1 light cardio exercise..

However, more than just tasks or activities; challenges are dynamic opportunities for community host to ignite excitement, encourage participation, and cultivate a sense of camaraderie among their community members. With Challenges, community host can take their community engagement to new heights by offering structured, gamified and rewarding experiences tailored to their unique audience.

What sets apart from others?

It is our unwavering commitment to empowering CMs with the tools they need to succeed. Challenges on are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing community structures, allowing CMs to effortlessly create, manage, and track progress within their challenges.

Through Challenges, CMs can:

1. Foster Community Connection: Challenges spark meaningful connection among community members with a shared goal. Whether it's a fitness challenge, book reading marathon, or mindfulness journey, participants connect, support each other, and achieve together.

2. Drive Engagement: Challenges make community activities fun by turning them into gamified experiences. This encourages members to actively participate and stay involved in the community's goals, earning rewards along the way.

3. Promote Accountability: CMs can track participants' progress and offer feedback and encouragement, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment among members.

4. Encourage Growth: Challenges aren't just about finishing tasks; they're about personal growth. CMs can create challenges that align with their community's values, offering opportunities for learning, exploration, and development.

Dive into this guide to know how to create these experiences for your community

Quick start guide for setting up a challenge

1 - Login to your portal as a manager.

2 - Select Challenges [new]

3 - On the Challenge List page, create a challenge from scratch by clicking Create Challenge, or click on any templates that you find suitable. This will open up the Challenge Creation sidesheet

Creating a challenge from template will auto generate the challenge schedule and checkpoint structure based on checkpoint duration (day, week, month) and challenge duration. The start date of the challenge will be one day from now.

4 - On Challenge Creation sidesheet, you would need to fill out the following:

  • Name (Name of the challenge)

  • Cover image

  • Pricing (Free/Paid)

  • Add Discount (If it is a paid challenge)

Once you filled out the relevant information to create your challenge, click on Create Challenge at the bottom of the page.

A challenge will be created with Draft status and you will be redirected to Challenge Overview page

5 - On Challenge Overview page, you can see various clickable information that will open up the corresponding sidesheet where you can edit the information

  1. Schedule & checkpoints

  2. Checkpoint details

  3. Sales page

  4. Group chat

The minimum setup to publish the challenge is its schedule and checkpoints.

6 - In Setting up a schedule & checkpoint dates

Fill out Start & End date/time of the challenge

  • You can also select how long will the challenge run using the suggested duration or customise it and the start and end date coverage will adjust accordingly.

Select Checkpoint duration for the challenge

  • It's up to you to choose daily, weekly, or custom duration for your checkpoints.

  • For custom checkpoint, you would need to enter the duration of the checkpoints. In this case, we selected 2 days for each checkpoint and the system will automatically create 3 checkpoints in total for you since the challenge we set is for 7 days.

Specify whether the checkpoints are step-by-step unlocking

  • Step-by-step unlocking is useful if you want to unlock subsequent checkpoints only when the previous checkpoints have been completed by the participant, regardless of whether the subsequent checkpoints have started or not.

7 - Click on Create Checkpoints. Checkpoints and their schedule will be automatically generated

Checkpoint start & end strictly follow the specified checkpoint duration.

For example, for a 30-day weekly challenge, there will be 4 checkpoints, 7 days each. For the remaining 2 days, the challenge will still be ongoing and participants can still make late submissions to the last checkpoint.

Once a challenge starts, its schedule and structure cannot be modified.

You will see the Checkpoint Edit modal where you can edit your checkpoint details.

8 - On Checkpoint Edit modal, you can optionally add more content, instructions or submission requirements to each checkpoint.

  • Add Cover Video

  • Title (Title name of the checkpoint)

  • Descriptions (if you would like to add more written description and requirements for your checkpoint, you can add it here)

  • Collect Submission (Participants will have to fill up the form to complete the checkpoint)

For more information about this modal, go to How to edit your checkpoint details

9 - After these steps, your challenge has had a time-bound structure and is ready to be published, where people can start signing up for your challenge.

10 - If you want to make the sales page more attractive, continue to the next section.

Otherwise, go to How to publish your challenge right away.

You can also explore all the configurable options by clicking on this gear icon

Setup challenge sales page

The sales page of a challenge has the following structure

  • Overview: cover image, cover video, schedule information, pricing information

  • Description: the main place to describe / advertise your challenge

  • Summary of checkpoints

  • Instructions (optional): here you can specify in detail how to participate in your challenge

  • Rewards (optional): here you can specify in detail rewards you offer for your challenge

These can be edited via clicking on the gear icon at the top of the navigation bar

1 - To edit the Description, expand the Overview section

Take note that you can change the challenge public link here as well.

2 - You can add a cover video in the same section

While cover image is mandatory, cover video is optional. If cover video is available, it will be auto-played at the same position of the cover image. While the video is being loaded, the cover image will be displayed.

3 - To edit the Instructions or Rewards, expand the More options section

Connect challenge to a group chat

Having an external group chat is great for your participants to interact with each other.

1 - Click on Connect a group chat on Challenge Overview page

2 - You can also expand the Challenge chat group section after clicking the gear icon

3 - Specify the group chat link and click Save.

Publish your challenge

If you are ready to invite people to join the challenge, it's time to publish it.

Before publishing the challenge, it's better to review the access of the challenge

1 - Click on the gear icon at the top of the navigation bar.

2 - Expand Pricing & Access section and edit the information.

3 - Edit the access (free / paid) and add any discount codes if necessary.

Additionally you can choose to allow participants to join after the challenge starts or not. By default, this setting is set to false.

4 - Click Save

5 - On Challenge Overview page, click on Publish.

Broadcast to your audiences the Challenge public page link or Challenge checkout link (for faster checkout experience).

Voila! Congratulations on setting up your Challenge Product on 🥳

Setup challenge and checkpoint schedules

You can edit the challenge schedule and checkpoint structure when the challenge hasn't started.

1 - On Challenge Overview page, click on Setup schedule & checkpoint

2 - This will open up the same Set up schedule & checkpoints sidesheet that you use to setup the challenge structure for the first time.

Upon any schedule change, the checkpoint list will be updated where checkpoints will be added to or removed from the end of the existing checkpoint lists, depending on the new checkpoint count.

Setup your checkpoint details

How to collect submissions for a checkpoint

1 - On Checkpoint Edit modal, click on Collect Submissions

2 - Add one or more questions as requirements for participants to complete the checkpoint.

There are 3 types of input supported: free text, image and video

For video submission, the max duration is 90s.

Submission questions of a checkpoint cannot be modified if at least one participant has completed the checkpoint

How to duplicate the details of one checkpoint to others

This functionality is helpful for routine-based challenges, where the details of several checkpoints need to be the same. The following information will be populated from a source checkpoint to all destination checkpoints

  • Cover video

  • Description

  • Submission questions

1 - On Checkpoint Edit modal, navigate to the source checkpoint

2 - Click Duplicate

3 - Select the destination checkpoints and click Duplicate

Submission questions of a checkpoint cannot be modified if at least one participant has completed the checkpoint.

Configure challenge leaderboard

Leaderboard is an effective way to gamify the experience even more.

Currently, we provide a simple point-earning and ranking mechanism where the faster participants complete a checkpoint, the more points they will earn. Participants will be ranked by the accumulated points from all checkpoints.

Point mechanism

Maximum points to earn is 1000 per checkpoints.

Minimum points to earn for completing a checkpoint on time is 500.

Late completions earn 250 points.

How to turn on leaderboard

1 - Go to Checkpoints tab

2 - Click on Leaderboard, then click Turn on

You can turn on or off leaderboard at any moment. Points will always be captured, so the moment you turn it on, points and ranks will be displayed to participants.

3- Once turned on, on member portal, Participant tab will become Leaderboard tab

Challenge feed

You can configure a dedicated feed for your challenge. Challenge feed will be generated from the checkpoint completions and submissions of participants. Every time a participant completes a checkpoint, a feed entry will be posted on the challenge feed. Participants can optionally include a caption and also the submission answers in the feed entry.

At the minimum state, the challenge feed is a checkpoint completion activity log, which adds strong gamification and togetherness elements into the challenge.

With caption, submission answers, reaction and comments, the challenge feed can provide many opportunities for everyone in the challenge to support, celebrate and interact with each other.

At the moment, no one can manually post on the challenge feed

By default, the challenge feed is enabled

Configure challenge feed

1 - Click on the Gear icon

2 - Expand Challenge Feed section and toggle on the Enable Challenge Feed toggle

3 - Once toggled on, a new tab on the all will be available

Managing challenge feed

As a Community Manager, you can

Delete a feed entry

Hide feed entry content

The caption and submission items will be hidden from the feed entry

The author of the feed entry will be able to see the reason on the feed itself

Challenge participants can also edit their feed entry anytime to update the caption or hide or show their submission answers.

Join a challenge

After a challenge has been published, it's time for your participants to join the challenge

As a non user

Any public user can register your challenge via the Public page link or the Checkout link of the challenge.

Public users can only join a challenge in this way if it hasn't started.

As a community member

1 - On Web or App, on Member Portal (MP), click on Challenges, which will open up Challenge List page

2 - Click on the challenge card you want to join, which will open up the Public page of the challenge on a new tab, where the member can go through the standard registration process.

Community members can only join a challenge in this way if it hasn't started.

Add a participant manually

A community manager can add any existing community member (including himself/herself) to a challenge.

This method will bypass the checkout process.

1 - On Challenge Overview, clicks on Participant tab

2 - Click on the Add Participant icon on the right-hand side

3 - Search for community members using email or name

4 - Click Confirm to add them to the challenge directly.

Participate in a challenge

Participant can participate via web browser or via the app.

Challenge is best to participate on App!

There are 3 ways a participant can access a challenge

After checkout

1 - After checkout out successfully

  • Click Go to Challenge to access the challenge on browser

  • Alternatively, ccanning the QR code using your phone will either

    • Open the App store for you to download the app if you haven't

    • Open the challenge on the app directly if you already have the app installed.

From Member Portal

1 - On Member Portal (MP), click on Challenges, which will open up Challenge List page.

2 - Click on any challenge that you have joined to start participating.

From challenge welcome email

1- In challenge welcome email, click on either Participate on App or Participate on Browser to access the challenge

Participate in a challenge

How can a participant complete a checkpoint

1 - On member portal My Progress tab, a participant will always see the current checkpoint

If the challenge is not step-by-step unlocking, the current checkpoint will always be the ongoing checkpoint.

If the challenge is step-by-step unlocking, the current checkpoint is the first checkpoint that the participant has not completed.

2 - Click on Continue now to go to the checkpoint details and complete it.

3 - If leaderboard is turned on, participant will be able to see the points earned and the new rank achieved

How can a participant join challenge chat group

1 - Click on Participants tab, then click on Join Chat

Managing Challenge Participants

To track participations, on CMP, click on Participants tab.

In the Participants tab, you should see the following details:

  • # of Participants

  • Search for a participant using their name or email address

  • Export the list of participants

  • Add a participant to the challenge

  • Send them a message via Magic Reach

There are 3 different statuses of a checkpoint

  • Incomplete: participant has not completed the checkpoint

  • Completed: participant completed the checkpoint on time

  • Late completed: participant completed the checkpoint late

Overall checkpoint completion tracking

A column corresponds to the completion status of a checkpoint.

1 - To filter completion status by checkpoints, click on Filters

2 - Select the checkpoints and status to filter by

3 - Click Show results

4 - If leaderboard is turned on, columns indicating participants' rank and points will be available

Details of each completion

Clicking on any member will bring up the Participant Activities sidesheet showing the details of his/her participation, where you can view submission of each checkpoint.

If leaderboard is turned on, points earned by each checkpoint will also be available.

How to mark someone as failed the challenge

If a participant fails to meet the criteria of the challenge, you have an option to mark his/her as failed.

1 - On Participant Activities sidesheet, click on the three-dot menu

2 - Click on Mark as Failed

3 - Specify the reason and click Confirm

Marked as failed participant will still be able to access the challenge and all the checkpoints he/she has completed.

However, he/she will not be able to access any subsequent checkpoints. He/she will also stop receiving email notification when each checkpoint starts

How to declare winners

Certain challenges might have winners with attractive prizes, which can boost participation significantly.

You can declare participants as winner after the challenge has ended

1 - Once the challenge has ended, click on Participants tab, you will see the summary of the challenge

2 - Click on Declare winners

3 - Search by email or name and add participants as winner, then click Confirm

4 - Email will be sent out to winners

How participants can share their challenge results

After a challenge ends, participants can share their results to the world.

1 - As a participant, access the ended challenge on App

2 - You will be able to see your result of the challenge

There are 3 possible results

  • Winner: declared by community manager

  • Completed: completed all checkpoints

  • Participated: didn't complete all checkpoints

3 - Click on Share your achievement, and share the result (as an image) to the world.

Duplicate a challenge

Your challenge is a success, and there are many more potential people might want to join such experience. Duplicate a challenge to save 99% of your effort to regenerate 100% of the success

1 - On Challenge Overview page, click on the three-dot menu

2 - Click Duplicate

3 - A new challenge will be created and you will be redirected to it

New challenge will have the following information

  • <source challenge title> Copy

  • Start date to be 1 day from now

  • Challenge duration, checkpoint duration and checkpoint information will be the same as the source challenge

To know more about the participant's experience with Challenges, you may click on this link for reference.

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