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How Do I Integrate with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat platforms for communities, and now you can integrate it with Here's how.

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps and a favorite platform to host communities.

We're happy to announce that now integrates with WhatApp so that your new or existing community can use WhatsApp as a chat platform to host your community, all while using features as an overlay.

This tutorial will explain’s integration with WhatsApp, and how you can integrate it with your new or existing community on WhatsApp.

How It Works

Just sign up to to connect your new or existing WhatsApp group. We recommend using WhatsApp if your community has under 1000 members. Larger communities should consider using Discord instead.

Note: A WhatsApp group can be 1024 people, and a WhatsApp Community Announcement group can be 5000 members.


  • WhatsApp is the perfect app for communities with 200-1000 members.

  • integrates with both new and existing WhatsApp groups and communities.

  • Get analytics on your WhatsApp community, including most engaged members and growth.

So let’s break down how this feature works.

For WhatsApp Groups

1. Start the process to create your new community and go to Settings > Chats

2. Click on "Connect WhatsApp". Paste the invite link of the selected WhatsApp group in the input field

3. Go to your WhatsApp (or and Copy the invite link of the group. Hit Connect.

4. Once Connected, you would need to add Whatsapp bot so it can help you manage members, unlock analytics, and Ruby AI for your WhatsApp group.

5. Once you click on unlock, you will need to scan the QR code generated for you. you will be assigned a WhatsApp bot number that you would need to add to your WhatsApp group as admin.

6. Click on I've done this and you should be all set.

Your community on WhatsApp is now live. Members will now be able to join your WhatsApp group from

Troubleshooting FAQ

I have connected Discord/Telegram or another platform to my community, can I switch to WhatsApp?

We do not recommend switching platforms as it might cause issues with engagement analytic data, particularly when your community already has members.

But if you really want to switch chat platforms, you may do so by disconnecting the current chat platform/link connected to your community and follow the steps above to connect a new one.

Can I link multiple chat groups with one community?

At the moment, each community can only be linked to 1 chat group.

I created a WhatsApp community in my WhatsApp account with multiple groups linked to it. Which one should I link to my community?

Great Question! If you create a community on WhatsApp, it will automatically create an announcement group for your community.


It would be best if you could link the general/main group you are using on this WhatsApp community with multiple groups. In the case below, we linked the General Test Community group. To link the general/main group in your community, follow steps above. Make sure that the link is for the General group and not for the WhatsApp community.

If we set it up this way, when a new member joins your community in and click the WhatsApp community link in the portal, they will be added to the General group and to your announcement group at the same time.

If you want them to join other groups within the WhatsApp community you created (aside from the general and announcement groups), you may need to ask them to join those groups separately. Admitting people on those groups will depend on the settings you have in your WhatsApp group.

For more details about WhatsApp group settings, click here

Hope this was helpful!

Where do I go if I encounter a problem with WhatsApp integration?

Please contact your account manager, or email and share a screenshot or screen recording of the issue/error so our team can provide you with technical support.

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