One of our favorite features at is the our Library. This tutorial will show you how to create your own Content Library for your community, step-by-step. And it takes just five minutes!

If you want inspiration for crafting courses and content, check out this article.

In this article:

How to Create a New Course

Go to your Community Manager portal and select the Library tab from the left menu. Click "Add a new course".

Fill in the details of your Course and upload a cover image.

Click Create.

Your course is now saved as a draft. You can navigate away from this page without losing your course, but it won't be visible for community members until you publish it.

How to Add Content Using Files

Your next step is to add content. Drag and drop or upload files from your computer to add content. We support .mp4, .pdf, and .docx. If you want to share links, you can do so in the right box.

When adding a resource, you'll have the option of adding a description so your community knows what they're getting. Filling this out is optional, but recommended.

Hit "Save and upload" when you're done.

Your Library will now look like this.

You have the option to upload more content at this point, or you can publish the files files to your course so they're visible to your community.

Don't worry, you can come back and upload additional files later!

Once you're happy with your file uploads, hit Publish.

Congrats! You've published your first course!

How to Add Content Using Links

Now let's add content through links.

Click "Add/Manage content". This time, instead of adding files with the left square, we're going to use the right square.

Add your link(s) and hit "Confirm" when done.

Give your link a title and hit "Save and publish".

Accessing Your Published Course

When viewing your course, you won't be able to access the uploaded files while in Manager Portal view. To access everything in your course, switch to Member view by clicking on the Member view button in the bottom left corner of your Community Manager portal.

You'll now be able to access all your class files.

And you're done! If you'd like to add another class, go back to your Manager Portal and begin the process again.

We hope this helps you create some exciting events of your own! If you're stuck for inspiration on events you can host, head over to our guide on Event Ideas, or message us on the Chat in the corner and we'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Happy building!

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