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We charge a flat 8% take rate and pass on any transaction fees including payment-gateway fees (dependent on each payment method) and taxes. will collect payment on behalf of the community manager and deduct the fees from your gross revenues before monthly payout is made to you via bank transfer.

Payouts Overview

You will start receiving your payouts on a monthly basis, once you've submitted your bank details. You will receive an email 5th of every month to show how much you have earned for the month.

Full details about the payout process can be viewed in this article.

Transaction fees vary across different markets. You may view the list here for different fees in markets we support

  1. Transaction fees in India can be found in this article

  2. Transaction fees in Philippines can be found in this article

  3. Transaction fees in Indonesia can be found in this article

  4. Transaction fees in the rest of the world can be found in this article

For Refund Request

Please be advised that the following transaction fees are non-refundable:

  • Payment Gateway Flat Fees (for subscriptions, events and library)

  • Effective Fee with GST applied (India Transactions)

  • Effective Payment Gateway Fee with VAT applied (Philippines/Indonesia)

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We reduced our take rate to 8% (down from 10%), starting from 1st August 2023, for all communities. Your payout for the transactions in August will only be charged 8% fees. Payment Transaction fees still apply as stated above.

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