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As a community builder on, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the fees associated with using our platform. will collect payments on behalf of the community manager. Before the monthly payout is transferred to you via bank transfer, the platform will deduct the relevant fees, which include the 8% Processing Fee and any additional transaction fees collected by the payment gateways mentioned below, from your gross revenues.

Here's a simple guide to help you navigate through the fee structure:

We reduced our take rate to 8% (down from 10%), starting from 1st August 2023, for all communities. Your payout for the transactions in August will only be charged 8% fees. Payment Transaction fees still apply as stated above.

1. 8% Processing Fee:

  • charges a flat 8% processing fee on all transactions. This means that for every transaction, 8% of your earnings will be deducted as a platform fee. You have the option to pass this fee on to your community members or absorb it yourself.

  • You also have the option to pass on your community take rate fees to your member, please see step-by-step guidelines below

2. Payment Gateway Fees:

  • Stripe gateway fees typically stand at 3.9%, but it's important to note that they may vary based on your location. Additionally, there is a fixed processing fee of $0.50 USD charged by the payment gateway globally (except India).

Important Disclaimer: We utilize the Stripe payment gateway to process transactions. Please be note that these transaction fees may subject to change by Stripe without prior notice.

We support local payments for the following countries and as a result, transaction fees may differ, and they could also encompass taxes or additional fees applicable to each country.

You may view the list here for different fees in markets we support

  1. Transaction fees in India can be found in this article

  2. Transaction fees in Philippines can be found in this article

  3. Transaction fees in Indonesia can be found in this article

  4. Transaction fees in LATAM (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru) can be found in this article

  5. Transaction fees in the rest of the world can be found in this article

Note: does not charge any additional fees besides our 8% take rate. The transaction fees mentioned above are charges collected by the payment gateway for every transaction made.

Passing on the 8% Processing Fee:

The flexibility is in your hands! You can now choose whether to pass on the take rate fee to your members or not.

Here are the steps on how to pass on the processing fee to you members:

  1. Login to your Community Manager Portal access

  2. Click on Money section on the left side of the screen and select Payout tab

    *Please note that by default, the Processing fee is set to be covered by the community managers which will be deducted from the earnings of the community.

  3. Under the Fees section, click on change.

  4. Put a check on the desired setting you would like to have for your community in terms of who is covering the Processing fee. Click confirm once done.

  5. You should be able to see sample computation in See Example dropdown to guide you on how Processing fee is being charged depending on your preference

For instance, if you are charging $100 for a service, the system will automatically add the 8% take rate fee to the total amount needed to be paid by the member. Please note that aside from the processing fee, there are payment gateway fees applicable to the transaction still. You may refer to this sample computation for reference.

Payouts Overview

You will start receiving your payouts on a monthly basis, once you've submitted your bank details. You will receive an email 5th of every month to show how much you have earned for the month.

Full details about the payout process can be viewed in this article.

For Refund Request

Please be advised that the following transaction fees are non-refundable:

  • Payment Gateway Flat Fees (for subscriptions, events and library)

  • Effective Fee with GST applied (India Transactions)

  • Effective Payment Gateway Fee with VAT applied (Philippines/Indonesia)

To know more about Refund requests for your member, please visit this article.

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