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We have 2 types of fees

  • Processing Fee ( Fee):

Starting June 1, 2024, will only charge 7.9% (previously at 8%) processing fee on all transactions. This means that for every transaction, 7.9% of your earnings will be deducted as a platform fee. You can pass this fee on to your community members or absorb it yourself.

  • Payment Processing Fee (Payment Gateway fees):

The payment processing fee is charged to cover the costs associated with processing the transactions securely and efficiently. When you make a payment on our platform, there are various steps involved in ensuring that your transaction is completed smoothly. These steps include verifying your payment details, transferring funds securely, and maintaining the necessary infrastructure to handle these transactions.

You also have the option to pass on your Processing fees to your members. Please see the step-by-step guidelines below

To support our growing communities, is offering promotional pricing on transaction fees from June 1, 2024, until December 31, 2024. During this period, communities can enjoy reduced transaction fees. This initiative aims to provide financial relief and encourage more transactions within our platform, making it an ideal time for communities to engage and expand their activities.

Here are the corresponding fees applicable depending on the base currency set for your community:

*We will revert the fees after December 31, 2024. Old fees can be found here

We support local payments for some countries. You may view the list here for different payment methods in markets we support in this article

Note: The Payment Processing fees mentioned above are charges collected by the payment gateway we are using for every transaction made. We only earn from the Processing fee.

Passing on both Fees:

The flexibility is in your hands! You can now choose whether to pass on both the fee + Payment processing fee to your members or not.

Here are the steps on how to pass on both fees to your members:

  1. Login to your Community Manager Portal access

  2. Click on Settings section on the left side of the screen and select Fees tab

  3. You should be able to see sample computation in Show Example dropdown to guide you on how Processing fee is being charged depending on your preference. It will also show the fees that will be passed on to your members depending on your community's base currency:

    Global Communities:


  4. Put a check on the desired setting you would like to have for your community in terms of who is covering the Processing fee. Click confirm once done.

  5. Once you have selected who is covering for the fees, you should see the breakdown whenever you are setting a price for your product.

Sample: Community Opt-in for Pass on both fees

Sample: No Pass on fees

Refunding Transactions

If a transaction requires a refund, community managers have the ability to initiate a refund request by selecting the specific transaction record in the Money section under Transactions tab. You can also check out this article as a guide for processing refunds for your members.

Once you initiate a refund via the transaction tab, an email notification is sent to team, who will then process the refund for you. The updated refund status will be reflected in the transaction table for the community manager. Refunds will be fully processed within 3-5 business days.

For Refund Request

CM will be shouldering the payment gateway fees on every refunded transaction.

For example:

Community under No Pass on fee (All countries except INR, MX, BR, PERU, COL)

Member Paid: $100.00 USD

CM earned: $88.00 USD (Due to a deduction of $8.00 fee and $4.00 Payment gateway fee since fees were not passed on to members)

  • Refund amount to member: $100.00 USD

  • Deduction on CM's earnings: - $92.00 USD (Due to the $4.00 payment gateway fee charged to CM)

Community With Pass On fee (All countries except INR, MX, BR, PERU, COL)

Member Paid: $112.00 USD (Due to the $8.00 fee and $4.00 Payment gateway fee passed on to members)

CM earned: $100.00 USD

  • Refund amount to member: $112.00 USD

  • Deduction on CM's earnings: - $104.00 USD (Due to the $4.00 payment gateway fee charged to CM)

To know more about Refund requests for your member, please visit this article.

Payouts Overview

You will start receiving your payouts on a monthly basis, once you've submitted your bank details. You will receive an email 5th of every month to show how much you have earned for the month.

Full details about the payout process can be viewed in this article.

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Old Pricing

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