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Transaction Fees
Transaction fees on (LATAM)
Transaction fees on (LATAM)

In this article, we will show you what are transactions fees applicable to purchases made in LATAM region

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Types of Fees on

We have 2 types of fees applied to each purchase made in your community.

  • 8% Processing Fee

  • Payment Gateway Fees

🟡 8% Processing Fee ( Fee): charges a flat 8% fee on all transactions. This means that for every transaction, we take 8% of your earnings as a platform fee.

🟡 Payment Processing Fee (Payment Gateway fees):

When you pay on our platform, there are costs involved in making sure the transaction goes smoothly and securely. These include checking your payment details, moving money safely, and keeping the system running smoothly.

You can choose to make your community members pay both fees or pay it yourself.

To know more how to pass on transaction fees, you may visit this article.

Payment Gateways for LATAM

  1. Stripe Global

    Stripe Global is our main payment gateway for processing payments for community subscription through cards (debit/credit cards). Transactions made outside supported countries in LATAM are usually processed via Stripe Global.

  2. EBanx (One-Time Payments for selected countries)

    Expanding our services into the LATAM market means addressing the challenge of limited local payment options for our customers.

    To better serve the diverse payment needs of LATAM users, we are integrating with Ebanx, a local payment gateway. With Ebanx, we'll be able to offer various local payment methods for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. This integration not only enhances our localization strategy but also ensures a seamless checkout experience for our customers, without any payment method bottlenecks.

Please note that EBanx integration is currently available for one-time payments in 4 countries at the moment. They are as follows:

  • Brazil

  • Mexico

  • Colombia

  • Peru

For the rest of LATAM region, Stripe Global payment will be the available payment option for them (Credit/debit card payments ONLY).

Below are the payment gateway fees depending on the currency used by the members to pay for a community subscription or product.

Some local payment transactions require a minimum fee depending on the currency used by the member to make a payment.

This implies that even if the payment gateway fees fall below this minimum fee, the system will still apply the minimum fee rather than charging based on the payment gateway percentage.


Curreny: PEN (Peru)

Price of the Community Product: 80 PEN

Payment Gateway Fee: 4%


80 PEN x 0.04 (4%) = 3.2 PEN (This is below the minimum fee for Peru, so the Final Gateway fee that will be charged is 3.9 PEN)

Local Payment Methods Available In Selected LatAm Countries

Below are the local payment methods supported by in selected LATAM countries.


  1. Debit/Credit Cards

  2. Credit Card Installments (Up to 12 mos)

  3. Pix

  4. Boleto

  5. Digital Wallets

  • Mercado Pago

  • PicPay

  • PayPal

  • NuPay)


  1. Debit/Credit Cards

  2. Credit Card Installments (Up to 12 mos)

  3. SPEI

  4. OXXO

  5. OXXO Pay

  6. Digital Wallets (Mercado Pago)


  1. Debit/Credit Cards

  2. PSE (Pagos Seguros en Línea)


  4. NEQUI


  1. Debit/Credit Cards


  3. SAFETYPAY (Débito en Línea / Efectivo)

Payment Instalments

Your members from Brazil and Mexico can now pay for your products on through installment payments. Please note that there may be varying interests for each payment installment, as different banks and local payment options may apply different interest charges.

On the checkout page, the user would need to select the Local cards & digital wallets payment option instead of filling out their card details and then click on Confirm and Pay

Below is a sample of installment options users will see when choosing to pay via installments.

Credit Cards (Brazil)

Credit Card (Mexico)

Important to note for users who will be paying in installments:

  • Your credit card should have the available balance to cover the full amount before using it. E.g. If the full Price is 900 MXN and the user opted to 3x installment ~350 MXN per month. The available credit card balance to spend should be 900 MXN and above.

  • Upon payment, Ebanx will automatically secure the full payment from your bank by putting the full-price charge on hold. But on your first month, you will just be charged for the first month's installment.

Refunding Transactions

If a transaction requires a refund, community managers have the ability to initiate a refund request by selecting the specific transaction record in the Money section under Transactions tab. You can also check out this article as a guide for processing refunds for your members.

Once you initiate a refund via the transaction tab, an email notification is sent to team, who will then process the refund for you. The updated refund status will be reflected in the transaction table for the community manager. Refunds will be fully processed within 3-5 business days.

Please note that a Refund fee will be imposed upon processing refunds, and this charge will be deducted from the community manager's earnings for the month in which the refund was processed.

Here are the applicable refund fees based on the local currency used for transactions:


Refund Fee

(All countries except INR, MX, BR, PERU, COL)







18 MXN


4000 COP


3.9 PEN

For Refund Request

CM will be shouldering the payment gateway fees on every refunded transaction.

For example: (Brazil)

Community under No Pass on fee

Member Paid: 100.00 BRL

CM earned: 88.00 BRL (Due to a deduction of 8% fee and 4% Payment gateway fee since fees were not passed on to members)

  • Refund amount to member: 100.00 BRL

  • Deduction on CM's earnings: - 97.00 BRL(Due to the 4.00 BRL payment gateway fee and 5.00 BRL refund fee charged to CM)

Community With Pass On fee

Member Paid: 112.00 BRL (Due to the 8.00 BRL fee and 4.00BRL Payment gateway fee passed on to members)

CM earned: $100.00 USD

  • Refund amount to member: 112.00 BRL

  • Deduction on CM's earnings: - 109.00 BRL (Due to the 4.00 BRL payment gateway fee and 5.00 BRL refund fee charged to CM)

To know more about Refund requests for your member, please visit this article.

LatAm Payment FAQs

My members are in LATAM region but my pricing is set in USD, can they still use local payments based on their location?

Yes! Local payment options for your members will be available for them as long as our system detects that they are in the countries supported above.

Just a reminder that local payment options via EBANX is currently offered for one-time payment like events, courses, digital products, or 1:1 sessions.

For example, members who are trying to purchase your course from Brazil will have the option to pay using the following local payment method:

  • Pix

  • Boleto

  • Digital Wallets (E.g Mercado Pago, PicPay, PayPal, NuPay)

Please be guided with the relevant fees applicable to them on the above chart as the payment gateway fees varies depending on the payment method that the member/user choose.

Can we set payment installments for my products in

Installments are only available for Brazil and Mexico region. It is only applicable to products offered inside the community and not for community subscriptions.

Why is Ebanx not showing on my member's checkout page for a subscription?

Ebanx is only available for one-time payment, thus, recurring payment for subscription will not show Ebanx as an alternative payment method.

Your members can only use Ebanx for purchasing your products and events

For Brazil users: Why am I always being asked to verify my payment to renew my subscription?

In order to comply with the requirements set by the Brazilian bank, we are obligated to send both a WhatsApp message and an email to users to verify their payment before renewing their subscription. This ensures transparency and security in our payment process.

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